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We are a group of passionate people, each with their own skills and diversity, united by the love of good, beautiful and healthy things. A group in which artistic and digital skills are mixed with the authentic ingredients of traditional cuisine.

Craft experiences that find visibility and that are enhanced thanks to new communication technologies.

We are a group aiming at guarding not only the genuine products and tastes but above all also the identity of people. Their ability to work and transform, to instill special characteristics of mastery or to impress the traits of their common feelings.




I’m not a chef. Alongside the Emilian roots I picture myself more as a rezdora.

Passionate about pasta since I was twenty  my relatives are from Reggio Emilia, Vallenuova, Bolognese’s countryside and Ferrara. Places where the fresh egg handmade pasta reigns supreme. Since then, the excitement and the conviviality of the moment when – you crack the first egg in the fountain flour- is more and more grown. From 2003 I decided to turn that passion into a job, thanks to the skills gained in my previous work as business plan consultant.

I am enthusiastic about learning new things, that is the reason why I first became Sommelier and then an ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters) Cheese taster member besides Vice President for four years.
Several years in the wine&food sector, a Master in Food Industry Management (Sole 24ore Business School) and the latest in Culinary Nutrition, with the aim to create a homemade pasta at nowadays considered: healthy, well presented and nutritionally balanced.

Based on that, in 2016 I launched the Pasta revolution project.


Lavorerio di Cucina
Pasta Production Artisan


Pasta Trainer


Social Media Manager


Creative Director


Project Manager